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P.O. Box 65931

Tucson, AZ, 85728

Thank you to all our sponsors for making our 2020 Annual Fundraiser a very successful event. This year we had 24 sponsors donate a total of $28,500.

We were able to give out $16,000 in scholarships this year. The scholarship recipients were:

  • Kerst Kingsbury Senior Exceptional Leader $4,000
  • Victor Nieto Senior Outstanding Leader $3,000
  • Kate Brown Junior Academic Achievement $2,000
  • Maxwell Drexler Post-Graduate Academic Achievement $2,000
  • Zubin Soomar       Junior                     Academic Achievement $2,000
  • Caelen Burand      Junior                     Academic Merit                    $1,500
  • Joe Keffer Post-Graduate Academic Merit $1,500

In addition to the scholarships awarded to University of Arizona SME Student Chapter, the SME Tucson Section will be awarding two $2,000 JTED Scholarships as well. 

  • JTED Continuing Education Scholarship $2,000
  • JTED Industry Direct Scholarship $2,000 

SME Tucson Section
PO Box 65931
Tucson, Arizona 85728
(520) 314-5066
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